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House system


The students of the school are divided into 4 Houses, each at the Primary, Middle, Secondary / Sr. Secondary and Senior Secondary / Sr. Secondary level. All the House are managed by Housemasters. The Housemasters select House Captains, Assistant House Captains and Sports Captains. It is compulsory for every student to be a member of a House. The main idea of the House System is to inculcate in our students the essential qualities of leadership, team work, co-operation, mutual understanding and self reliance. Various inter-house activities are held for this purpose throughout the year.

Key points:-

  • All the students of each class will be divided in to 4 houses.
  • All the CCA activities, assembly activities, competitions will be organized  by the 4 houses.
  • House wise result will be highlighted in facebook, and other digital media.
  • HOUSE TROPHY will be awarded to a “WINNER HOUSE” at the end of academic year.

The various houses are as follows:

  1. Innovation House
  2. Renovation House
  3. Inspiration House
  4. Transformation House
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